What is a key passage in Chapter 4 or Chapter 5 of When the Emperor Was Divine?

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In Chapter 4 of When the Emperor Was Divine, the narrative voice is assumed by the two children of the anonymous family.  They have returned home from the internment camp, but they realize that they have become strangers and enemies to their neighbors.  The narrator says, "We were free now, free to go wherever we wanted to go, whenever we pleased."  But even though the family is free from the restraints forced on them at the internment camp, ironically they are not free to live the lives that they had before being sent to the camps.  The children are harrassed, their house is vandalized, and the family fears leaving the house and feels like everyone is against them.  This passage is significant because it highlights one of the author's major purposes for writing the story--to examine the injustice and discrimination brought about by the internment.

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