Whats ironic of Mrs. Merriweather's comment about getting the preacher to help "... her lead a Christian life for those children from here on out."It's from Chapter 24 in the novel.

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Mrs. Merriweather is a sanctimonious hypocrite, of course.  While she extols the Reverend J. Grimes Everett's missionary efforts in Mruna, she derogates her maid Sophy later on, accusing her of stupidity:

It's never entered that wool of hers that the only reason I keep her is because the depression's on and she needs her dollar and a quarter every week....

And, then, she continues in her hypocrisy by saying that she believes in forgiving and forgetting, and that Tom Robinson's wife should live a Christian life--as though she does!  Additionally, she does not mention what exactly it is that Mrs. Robinson has done that is unChristian, and intimates that Tom Robinson is guilty of what Mayella Ewell has accused him.


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