Examine the significance of Modernism in literature.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most significant influences that Modernism had on literature resided in how it changed individual perception.  Modernism changed the way in which individuals looked at and interacted with one another and the literature that binds their experience.  This becomes one of the most dominant influences that Modernism had on literature.  Woolf describes this as a "shift" in human consciousness:

All human relations shifted, and when human relations change there is at the same time a change in religion, conduct, politics, and literature.

This "shift" was a fundamental way in which individuals saw themselves and their world.  Literature was a reflection of this transformation.  In analyzing Modernism's influence on literature, it becomes clear that the reconfiguration of the individual becomes of vital importance.  The alienation, technological dehumanization, and fundamental disconnect that can exist between individuals and their world became relevant in literature.  Its exploration in the realm of writing is the embodiment of the profound influence that Modernism had on literature.