What issues do voters consider important in this year's election?Pick three issues important to you in this year's election. Write a letter to your representatives explaining why the issues listed...

What issues do voters consider important in this year's election?

Pick three issues important to you in this year's election. Write a letter to your representatives explaining why the issues listed are important to you. What questions might you ask to your representative on his position of these issues? 

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carol-davis eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My hope is that both candidates can get down to the truth. Would it not be nice to know that one can depend upon what the candidate is saying is true? I guess it is not possible because they each have to "one up" the other one.

Of course, everyone is interested in the economy.  The American people do seem to have forgotten that it did not takes just four years to recuperate from the previous eight years.  Partisan politics get in the way of appreciating any progress that has been made regardless of which party a person is a member. 

Health care also becomes an important issue despite the fact that Obamacare seems to be working okay.  I do not think that Romney's plan willno include pre-existing conditions as he said in the first debate. According to everything read, his plan does not.  This is an important issue.

For the seniors citizens [I am one.], social security and medicare are a prime issue,  It needs to be left alone or enhanced, but not reduced.  In today's economy, for those people who are unable to work any longer or who are single and just barely making it...anything less would be devastating.  Do not mess with these programs!

Education must be taken care of.  If left to the states, I do not know what will happen.  My state does not take care of educaation as it is...I am not sure what would happen if the federal subsidies were not there.

Job availability is important.In a recent poll, 2000 women were asked to list in order the problems that they were concerned about with regard to electing a president. This is the results of the poll:

Schools, health, insurance, war, jobs, medical issues, education, peace, crime, healthcare, abortion, deficit, poverty, globalwarming, elections

These women were exactly right.  The future lies in the education of the young.  The health of the nation must also come next. My main concern is that we do not take steps backwards in anyway.  

mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The economic crisis is paramount. Without a sound economy and an adequate military, the United States will no longer be strong. It is possible to improve the economy in 4 years--Ronald Reagan did it after the double digit inflation of Jimmy Carter. Disturbing also are actions that have been taken that are contrary to the U.S. process of free enterprise such as the investment of the federal government into private enterprise such as Selendra and the bail-outs of GM and Chrysler that bring into serious question the threat of damaging change to the American way of life. 

Another issue is the acceleration of dishonesty and blaming that has become absolutely egregious. In all 3 of the presidential debates, fact checkers have proved the dishonesty of one of the men who wants to be president until 2016 by going to the transcripts and video tapes. Even one of the journalists who acted as moderator lied, and had to retract her assertion later that evening of the debate. 

Before he resigned, Richard Nixon told the American people, "Your President is not a crook."  But, the people had lost faith in him because Americans want someone they can trust.  Hopefully, there is such a man in this election.


Michael Ugulini eNotes educator| Certified Educator

America's massive debt is an issue important to voters. This debt is limiting the governement's ability to implement programs to foster job growth. Infrastructure, innovation, and international competitiveness are also suffering because of this tremendous debt load that may never be brought down to an acceptable level.

An affordable health care program is of major concern to voters. The plan that the Supreme Court ruled on will help some individuals and families. It will also place a financial burden on some businesses. 

Unemployment is the biggest issue on voters minds. No matter what economists, analysts, government spin doctors and the like trumpet, there will be no U.S. recovery as long as there is high unemployment. They can crunch all the numbers they like - however, if their projections don't take into consideration massive unemployment, they might as well be using abacuses or counting their numbers on their fingers and toes.

Fiscal Policy


dkaye eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm particularly concerned by campaign finance reform. Right now, we have allowed so-called Super PACs (PAC='Political Action Committee') to finance campaign TV spots and print and radio ads for the candidate of their choice, without having to reveal who donated to the organization. Because this essentially makes campaign spending unlimited, and because having a large campaign bank account is crucial to winning elections, this puts us in a dangerous position.  

For example, if oil-rich Middle Eastern countries want to elect a certain candidate they believe will encourage Americans to continue their dependency on foreign oil and therefore be beneficial to their revenue, there's nothing stopping them from creating or donating to a super PAC--an organization that could then spend unlimited amounts of money funding advertisements for that candidate and smearing his rival.

rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I thnk at the end of the day, a majority of American voters are most concerned about the economy. That said, I also think that many Americans also believe (I don't really agree, by the way) that the perceived increase in government spending and the size and intrusiveness of government in general have in some way hurt the economy. At least that's the perception of many people I come into contact with on a daily basis. I often want to ask them what they think would have happened over the last few years without all that government spending. Social issues are a big deal to some, especially evangelicals, and I honestly know a number of people who will go to the polls and vote against Obama specifically because they still believe he is going to "take their guns away." But I think overall, the economy remains the issue that figures largest in American minds.

Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I were a high school student, as you are, the three issues I would pick would be education, health insurance, and national defense.  These are three issues that are likely to affect you in the not so distant future.  I would want to know if my representative supports financial aid for all college students, in the form of grants and low-interest loans, if my representative supports maintaining the Affordable Care Act, which would allow me to stay on my parent's insurance until I am 26, and I would want to know if my representative an across the board cutbacks in military expenditure, since that would take strategic decisions out of the hands of the experts and possibly affect my personal safety someday. 

wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would suggest that economics in general is an important topic.  The poverty rate and the unemployment rate are either rising or not falling.  It will be important for the next president to be able to make improvements and not cause more damage.  With future job markets unknown, many students worry about higher education.  Is it even worth it to attend college?  The cost of education (particularly higher education) as well as the government subsidies and support for students is also of concern.  As a young person, the future of social security and medicare might not seem important, but the future of health insurance in general should be. 

shake99 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think the most important issue facing America right now is the federal budget crisis. It's not a very exciting topic, but we are going to have to get it under control before it controls us. There is a crisis looming . . . can we act before the crisis hits?

mirmirnotez | Student

I think voters just want a "greater leader". I'm not really into politics...so yeah. 

naldskee27 | Student

I think the issues do voters be considered important are the good governance, health insurance for all and the national defense. Let me elaborate first the good governance-the government we have nowadays should strictly implement their programs that will contribute to the contry's development. Secondly is the health insurance for all-as in all the citizens of our country should be prioritized when there is problem about their health,so that it could be easily managed by the financial support they will get from the health insurance. Lastly is the national defense, the government should also do more effort in giving support to our national defense so that they are fully prepared in times of terrorism occurring in our country.

krystalce | Student

Honestly, the issue that I’m focused on is the fact of what issues America is focused on. I know that sounds a little weird but it’s true. The areas that American voters should be focused on are the national debt and fixing the efficiency of our legislative, but because most of the government officials don’t have a definite answer to these problems, they decide to turn focus on less important issues like gay marriage and legalizing marijuana.  I’m not saying we should not care about these issues, I’m just saying that we should focus on them AFTER the US economy is stabilized.

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