What's the important role of chemistry on individual and society?

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Chemistry has had significant impact on individuals and our society. There are several applications of chemistry in various aspects of our life, including, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, pollution control, materials, military/defense, beauty products, etc. As an individual, we can get clean drinking water because we use a number of chemicals (such as coagulants and disinfectants) to treat the water. We also use a number of beauty products to take care of our skin, hair, etc.; most of which have been developed using chemistry. We have developed novel materials (such as plastics, nanoparticles, etc.), to take care of our increasingly complex needs. Environmental pollution from our industries, vehicles, etc. can be controlled by using chemistry. We have had great success in developing medicines that probably have saved millions of lives and help in keeping millions safe everyday. Chemistry also helps us understand the natural processes such as weathering of rocks, etc. 

There are a large number of other applications of chemistry in our daily life, which proves its worth to the individuals and the society.

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