What's important about each of the first ten amendments?

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The first ten amendments to the Constitution are collectively known as the Bill of Rights.  These amendments are important because they protect some of our most important freedoms.  Some of the amendments are more important than others in today’s world.

The First Amendment is extremely important as it protects our rights to self-expression.  This amendment guarantees that we can speak our minds, doing things like criticizing the government when we see fit.  It also guarantees that we will have a free press that can keep tabs on what the government is doing.  Finally, it guarantees that we will have freedom of religion. 

The Second Amendment is very controversial today.  It is important (in some people’s minds) because it protects our right to have weapons to protect ourselves against criminals and even against a tyrannical government.

The Third Amendment is not really important today.  It protects us from having soldiers come and live in our houses, which is not a real danger today.  However, it is important in a sense because it emphasizes the idea that we should be free from government interference.

The Fourth Amendment is important because it protects us from having a police state.  It prevents the police from harassing us by searching and seizing our property for no reason.

The Fifth Amendment is important for much the same reason as the 4th.  The Fifth Amendment prevents the government from taking our property or putting us in jail without due process of law.  It protects the government from forcing us to testify against ourselves or from putting us on trial over and over again for the same charge.

The Sixth Amendment is important because it prevents the government from “railroading” us if we are charged with a crime.  We have to be tried by a jury and we have to be allowed a lawyer.  These sorts of protections make it harder for the government to convict us of a crime we did not commit.

The Seventh Amendment is no longer very important.  However, it does help to commit the US to having a system of trial by jury, which is important.

The Eighth Amendment is important because it prevents the government from punishing us in horrific ways.  It prevents the government from inflicting punishments on us that are out of proportion for the crimes we commit.

The Ninth Amendment is important because it expands our rights.  It says that the rights we have are not limited to those spelled out in the Bill of Rights. That means that it protects the idea that we have rights even if the people who wrote the Bill of Rights did not think of those particular rights.

The Tenth Amendment is important because it helps ensure that we have a federal system.  It helps to ensure that the state governments will have rights and that the federal government cannot take all of the power in our system.

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