Whats happening during the chapters 5-7 in the devils arithmetic?    

Expert Answers
lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

These three chapters are the last three before the setting and mood of the novel take a traumatic turn for the worse. These chapters are about Hannah's immersion into her new world -- Poland in 1942. Hannah is completely confused and feels out of place, but those around her treat her as someone they have known for a long time and Hannah quickly realizes that nothing she says of her "past" in New Rochelle as Hannah makes any sense to them. She is continually "culture shocked." Breakfast is a plain affair of bread and milk, and the milk is not processed like that of home. The clothes she must wear to her uncle's upcoming wedding are just awful and ugly in her opinion (from the future). She is dismayed by everything about life, but realizes too that she is being loved and cared for by very genuine people, Gitl and Shmuel. Chapter 5 focuses on her home life with Gitl and her realization that her modern memories and comments sound like nonsense here. Chapter 6 focuses on the preparations for the wedding. Chapter 7 is about the actual travel to the wedding. Many of the village walk together with the bride and groom in wagons to the town and the synague where the wedding will take place. Hannah is able to make friends easily and enjoys being the center of attention as a story-teller with lot of interesting tales to tell. She uses books and movies she has read or seen as her sources. Unfortunately, by the end of chapte eight, the wedding party is being confronted by the Nazi soldiers who are rounding up all of the Jews in the village so that they can be transported, by train, to a concentration camp. The innocence and excitement of this strange time-travel journey comes to an abrupt halt as the horror of the situation sets in.