Whats happening???I dont understand anymore. Enotes questions arent answerd at all anymore. Less answers are given at longer times after the questions have been asked. When I was new here, the...

Whats happening???

I dont understand anymore. Enotes questions arent answerd at all anymore. Less answers are given at longer times after the questions have been asked. When I was new here, the questions were answered immediately. Now it looks like nobody is oline to help we,students anymore. Is there any reason for this especially now that students are in a new grade and most of what the teachers explain sounds like gibberish!

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm not sure I have the answer you are looking for, but I will say many questions are still being answered almost immediately.  Often, questions which go unanswered for a long time are either worded too vaguely, or are simply on a topic or text that by itself is largely unfamiliar to many of us.  My best guess is that with all the answers that exist on the internet, from essay questions to math, many teachers are looking for more obscure texts in order to challenge students to thinking completely on their own.

As a teacher, I love the internet as a resource as much as I hate it.  Students have unique opportunities to gain a wealth of information and knowledge at the touch of a button and virtually free.  At the same time, the internet is abused more often than utilized as a "resource."  I think eNotes is doing everything it can as a company and editors are doing everything they can as individuals to continue providing the best service possible.  But the fact still remains, at the end of the day, your teacher probably wants to know what you think.  If all else fails (eNotes included) take your questions straight to your teacher.  He or she is likely to provide better and more specific answers anyway.

Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Excellent points by both my colleagues.  I sympathize with your frustration; however, I can tell you as one who answers questions regularly, there are editors answering questions all the time, and often right after they're posted.  As outlined for you above, the questions which don't get answered generally fall into one of two categories: 1) the information is too obscure or specific for even a group of professionals to answer.  We have lots of areas of expertise, but we don't know everything.  2) the question isn't worded in a way that's clear enough or contains enough information for us to work with.  Please understand, almost all the editors here are teachers; that means we care about students and learning.  Know that we are not withholding our expertise simply because we can.  We love it when we can help young people understand and learn. 

accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hear hear! I have to disagree with your position - the vast majority of questions are answered almost within minutes of their posting, especially those based on popular texts which the majority of editors have knowledge of. The questions that are not going to be answered quickly are those which are too complex or abstruse, or those which are vague and which cannot be answered because we as editors do not understand what the question is really getting at. So if you are finding that your questions aren't being answered, try making it a lot more specific and also ensure you follow enotes regulations: ask one question and ask it in the correct group so we can help you.

arrellbelle | Student

That's actually a shock, speaking from a tutor in 2014! I try to answer as much questions as I can when i'm not in college, volunteering, or working, just because i'm a student myself and I want for someone to always help me immediately. However, it seems that a lot of tutors are readily available now since a lot of us applied to become tutors for this site. Hopefully in the future, this site will get more tutors to help students like you to succeed!

krishna-agrawala | Student

Rather than talk in general terms about why some question remain unanswered, I decided to take a look at the status of question asked by revolution180.

I find that that out of 4 question asked only one remains unanswered for nearly a week after it was asked. These questions are not in my field of expertise, and it will not be right for me to attempt to answer these question. Still it is very clear to me that the question that has remained unanswered is really a set of 3 question. Perhaps it is not possible to accommodate answers to all the three questions within the limits applicable to enotes answers.

Also the way question has been formulated the main question that appears in the list of questions, only indicates that it is a question about the short story "Brother Dear". This means a person going through the list of question is unable to know if he or she would like to try answering the question just by looking at the question as it appears in the list.

I suggest to revolution180 to experiment with putting this one unanswered question as 3 separate questions and then see if these questions draw better response.

revolution180 | Student

its basically stange why this is happening at this crucial moment to students!