What's a good way to start a personal history about myself for an intercultural assignment?

Expert Answers
sjfisher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Writing a personal history about yourself requires you to implement autobiographical writing. To cover your personal history, consider starting off with the basics: When and where were you born? Who was present to raise and influence you in your early years? In many cultures, ancestry is an integral element for an individual's place in society, so you may want to consider your genealogical background. 

You may also choose to include significant events that have shaped the type of person you are. What is your earliest memory, and why do you think it stuck with you? Rather than events, you may go with the people of your life, including family and friends. Detailing your personal activities and achievements is another option for outlining your personal history. 

To get started, try making a timeline, map, or web marking out different parts of your personal history. Then you can see what kinds of information you have to work with and how it all relates. Finally, you may want to check out some other autobiographical works to get ideas. Reading styles similar to what you are attempting to create can help you get your foot in the door.