The Lottery Questions and Answers
by Shirley Jackson

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What is a good thesis statement to write about the point of view of "The Lottery?" I am unsure of what to write as a thesis statement about the point of view and whether is it appropriate. I believe the point of view is third person

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The narrative point of view in Shirley Jackson's short story, "The Lottery," is third-person. This point of view is appropriate given the nature of the story. The nature of the story is relatively horrific, especially for modern audiences (given the thought of human sacrifice is not an accepted practice). That said, the use of third-person allows the narrator to remain removed and impartial to the story.

Here are some examples of different thesis statements which define Jackson's choice as appropriate in regards to her choice to use a third-person narrative voice.

1. Shirley Jackson's choice to use a third-person narrator in her short story "The Lottery," allows readers to define the nature of the tale on their own, without prejudice.

2. The third-person narrative voice, in Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery," forces readers to examine the tale within its historical context.

3. The use of the third-person narrator in "The Lottery" shows readers the importance of impartial narrative voices when it comes to stories depicting barbaric acts.

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