Whats A Good Thesis Statement about Frank McCourt ? Not his Books But About Him .

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Because Frank McCourt's books, "Angela's Ashes" and "Tis," represent his best known work, and because they are autobiographical, it is not possible to suggest a thesis statement about him that does include reference to his most important writings.

Born in Brooklyn, New York to a former member of the Irish Republican Army and an Irish Catholic mother, McCourt's parents moved the family to Ireland to escape the Depression in the United States.  His father eventually abandoned his family, and Franks's mother raised the children herself.  Having then spent most of his formative years in the slums of Ireland,  Frank returned to the United States at the age of 19.

His adulthood was proving equally difficult until he was accepted to New York University, where he earned his first degree in English.

McCourt's books are memoirs of a difficult, poverty-striken childhood and of his efforts at rising above the circumstances of his upbringing.  To attempt a thesis statement about Frank McCourt that does not acknowledge his literary contributions is to present a thesis statement void of meaning.

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