What's a good thesis for Tom and Daisy being careless, smashing up things and then retreating back into their money? 

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you can take this topic in many directions.  One thesis statement could be that Tom and Daisy's view towards money is reflective of the mass consumerism of the 1920s.  In this argument, you could focus some attention on how the rise of materialism and acquisition of wealth led to an isolating attitude towards the suffering of others, denying any real sense of community.  Another thesis could revolve around how material wealth dehumanized Tom and Daisy.  This dehumanization idea can be advanced with the idea that with the unhealthy proliferation of money and wealth, individuals lose sight of the bonds that establish productive notions of community.  Finally, I think a thesis statement can be formed about how Daisy and Tom believed that wealth translated into a lack of moral, political, and social responsibility.  Again, much can be pulled from the Jazz Age.  In this setting, people lost sight of fiscal restraint and social activism as purchasing stocks on credit that never existed and the desire to gain more money to simply have "more" seemed to dominate the upper echelons of society.  There is a reason Fitzgerald composed the characters of Tom and Daisy.  I believe that his development of these characters was done so to reflect the myopic vision of the 1920's, something of which Fitzgerald himself was all too painfully aware.

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