The Lottery Questions and Answers
by Shirley Jackson

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whats a good thematic statment for the lottery,   we had to do a project and pick a word , my word was summer and the thesis somewhat has to relate to it and it only has to be about 2 sentences long though of the thsis statments was "instead of doing the random lottery maybe they should think of something else to do instead of stoning people to death" that good ?

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Well, the lottery takes place in the summer.  We know this from the exposition of the story, because Jackson gives us the date.  The reader can also infer that the people from the town relate their continued good harvests to the continued use of the lottery, because one character mentions:  "Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon."  This statement clearly uses false logic, or post hoc (because A happens before B, B must be caused by A) and has a strong connotation of sacrifice.  The Lottery brings good crops and welfare to the town. 

With these ideas firmly in place, consider your thesis statement and incorporating the idea of summer.   Jackson uses the seasons, particularly summer, to suggest the idea of sacrifice and growth within "The Lottery."


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