What's a good recent (within three months) article from the New York Times, Washington Post or Huffington Post that deals with global development?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a number of aspects to development.  Development can be economic, social, or political.  All of these are important to the overall development of a country.  You can find articles about these aspects of development essentially every day in the publications that you mention.  Let us look at a few from the New York Times from today.

First, there is economic development.  At this link, you can find an article about agriculture in Caribbean countries, and particularly in Jamaica.  It talks about how these countries are trying to engage in import-substitution agriculture.  If they are successful, it might be a step towards economic development.

The other two articles are about political and social development.  To people in the West, at least, political and social development includes moving towards democracy and the rule of law.  In this article, we can see that Egypt is struggling right now in its attempts to move towards the rule of law.  In this article, we can see that Zimbabwe appears to have failed to hold a clean election.  Such an election would have been a step towards political development.

Any of these articles would be good in that they touch on different aspects of development.