What's a good book that you recommend reading? I honestly don't read, but lately I've been having so much free time that I end up doing bad things. Reading helps pass the time. Please, leave a title or authors that you recommend. I'm looking for something that leaves me like "whoa,  didn't expect that..." thanks!

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A very good book that I recommend reading is "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy. This book will definitely leave you saying and thinking "whoa,  didn't expect that..." This is an extremely powerful treatise on post-apocalyptic America and man's quest for survival and meaning in life. I enjoyed the unique narrative and sparse writing style of Cormac McCarthy in this particular work of his. I believe that you will find this novel very thought-provoking and also very disturbing, while at the same time being a very enlightening novel.

Another novel that you may enjoy is "Our Kind of Traitor" by John Le Carre. I classify this work as a literary spy thriller. John Le Carre's writing is beyond the typical spy novel style. His is writing of depth, multiple layers of meaning, and understatement as he examines the machinations of geopolitics and the behind-the-scenes operations of governments and those not affiliated with governments as well. This novel conveys how the average citizen does not really know what is going on behind-the-scenes by governments and their intelligence agencies. I think you will find the taut plot and the finale of the novel enjoyable and surprising.

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