What's a good 5-6 sentence plot summary for chapter 2 in Lord of the Flies?I read the chapter but I'm trying to get a better plot summary. 

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter two, "Fire on the Mountain," Ralph holds an assembly after he, Jack and Simon return from exploring the island.  The boys report their findings, that they are, in fact, stranded on an uninhabited island and that they will need to be rescued.  Two important points are discussed in Ralph's meeting: 1) the boys will use the conch to take turns speaking, and 2) the littluns are afraid of a beast.  When Ralph brings up the idea of a signal fire, the boys become so excited that they rush up the mountain and start a humongous, out of control blaze.  At the end of the chapter, they grimly discover that one of the littluns is missing.

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