In Julie of the Wolves, when does Miyax escape from her marriage? Can someone tell me why this happened?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When young Miyax's mother dies, her father Kapugen leaves everything and takes his daughter to live at seal camp.  The years at camp are "infinitely good" to Miyax, but after a time she is sent away to live with her Aunt Martha because she must attend school.  Before she leaves, Kapugen tells her that if things don't work out with her Aunt, she can get away by marrying his friend Naka's son, Daniel.  Kapugen makes the arrangements for this wedding to take place.

Miyax enjoys going to school, but does not get along with her Aunt.  When she is thirteen, she agrees to marry Daniel even though she can refuse, in the belief that "the old ways are best". She is startled to discover just before her marriage that there is something wrong with Daniel - he is "dull", or retarded.  Miyax learns from a friend that arranged child marriages are customary under "the old ways", and that they are largely for convenience, so that the husband's family will have an extra pair of hands to help with their livelihood.  Miyax indeed finds that this is true, and for the first year, Daniel leaves her alone while she goes to school and learns to help his mother make goods for tourists.  After a year, though, Daniel, who is being teased by his friends, determines to consumate their marriage.  Frightened and repulsed, Miyax runs away, planning to travel to San Francisco, where her penpal Amy lives (Part II).