What's going on in the book Don't Look Behind You?

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Don't Look Behind You is a fabulous story of suspense that deals with the Corrigans, a family entering the government's "witness protection program," and all their exploits forming the result.  The book deals with the family disruption involves and assesses the different way the entrance into the program affects each of the characters differently.  For example, Mrs. Corrigan has built a career for herself as a successful write; however, she can no longer practice her career for fear of being discovered.  No more published works for Mrs. Corrigan.  Secondly, Bram is affected (even though he is only in the third grade).  He must get contacts to hide his two different-colored eyes.  Most importantly, the change affects the narrator (April) the most and the worst of all.  April is unable to go to prom, see her boyfriend Steve, attend graduation, or even hone her tennis skills.  April cannot handle this and, as a result, makes a series of disastrous mistakes.  Throughout the novel, the characters struggle in their loss of identity; however, it becomes clear that they can find out who they really are by bonding to each other as a family unit.  Support from the family is key, . . . and the key to understanding human nature according to Lois Duncan.