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What's the general disposition regarding teachers, authority, and future when comparing student culture of past generations with the student culture of the 21st century?

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Free public education in North America was based around a workforce that was largely industrial. As technology increased the industrial jobs dissipated. As globalization occurred, outsourcing happened. With this, we are becoming left with a service industry (working in retail) and the "conceptual" industry. We do not know what the paradigm will be in three years. Unfortunately one of the biggest downfalls of education as it sits right now is a lack of acceptance that not every student is going to become doctors, lawyers, engineers.  We as a society are forgetting the necessity of the manual labour jobs, and we will pay for it in time.

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The 21st century paradigm of teaching and learning has completely changed the formerly set disposition regarding teachers, authority, and the future.

In his book The World is Flat , Friedman sets the record straight in that pre-Millennials and post-Millennials perceive the world quite contrastingly, for which a shift of paradigms must occur for both...

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