What's the general attitude of ninth grade boys toward girls?

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While the question is to some extant an individual response, some observations can be made. Since the question is phrased as a school differentiation, rather than an age differentiation, let us begin with attitudes toward education, and, by extension, career choices. In America there is a strong bias toward automatically assuming sex roles in education: boys will be scientists, athletes, business entrepreneurs, engineers, doctors; girls will become nurses, secretaries, editors, cooks, etc. (of course this is an over-simplification). As a result in schools, boys tend to dismiss a girl’s intelligence. Their attitude toward girls, depending on their upbringing, is one of objectification, socially lowered status, and servitude. Two measurable factors can account for much of boys’ attitude toward girls: sexual immaturity and brain comprehension delay. It has been convincingly shown that girls mature faster physically and develop complex mental/social thinking abilities faster than boys.   The result is that boys’ attitudes toward girls (and toward the world in general) are immature, rash, and under-subtle.

   Put more simply, boys think of girls as inferior objects to be conquered and "owned."

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