Man's Search for Meaning Questions and Answers
by Viktor Emil Frankl

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What is existentialism in Man's Search for Meaning?

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Existentialism is a philosophy which emphasizes people's freedom and therefore claims that people are free to pursue their own meaning in life. Man's Search for Meaning is all about such freedom.

Frankl recounts his interior and exterior experience in the concentration camps. He says that one's chance for survival seemed random, whether one had something to hope for or not, but he felt that life could be endured if inmates had some purpose to carry them on—whether it be hoping to see a loved one again or to accomplish something should the camps be liberated. For his own part, Frankl's hope of reuniting with his wife and continuing his psychiatry work kept him going.

When someone has no meaning, life is over. Frankl recounts inmates who simply stopped trying to get by, who sat down and smoked and allowed the guards to beat them. They had no hope left, nothing to strive for, so they allowed themselves to die.

Frankl views meaning as something personal and relative to the individual's...

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pashmina1 | Student

Existentialism, the philosophy of existence of oneself. Existentialism emerge after WORLD WAR II, people became completely numb after seeing such a height of cruelty and which has been arise many questions regarding the existence of human being. Who ARE WE? ARE WE BELONG TO SOME SORT OF GOD ? WHO IS GOD? WHERE IS HE? IF WE BELONGS TO GOD THEN WHY HE IS NOT HELPING US? WHY HE IS SILENTLY WATCHING THIS? similarly many questions covered the minds of people and they began to think like this that there is no one before us , no one after us ,we are only responsible of ourselves. Man is in search of Himself.