What's the conflict

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 Drama and novel also hold conflict that moves the story to the conclusion. So, there are two kinds of conflict. One conflict or tussle is between hero and villain. It is called an external conflict. The other conflict is shown within the character. It means there is the tussle between a character and his conscience or mind due to some problem that becomes the headache of the main character. This conflict is called an internal conflict. In drama and novel, there is introduction, middle and denouement, and this conflict develops there and reaches the story to climax. Such conflict draws attention of the readers to the stock of knowledge that is running into their minds as that they may become able to solve such problems during their life.

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Conflict in a work of literature is much like it suggests...it is the problem that the character is confronted with. The conflict can come in many forms, such as man versus man, man versus society, man versus self, and man versus nature. Sometimes there will be a mixture of several types of conflicts that the character must deal with.