Discuss the fading of Changez's loyalty to America.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Changez's fading in loyalty to America can be seen in some critical points in the novel.  Certainly, there are specific points and moments in the narrative when Changez loses affinity with America, something that was at a high level at the start of the narrative.  Instances with Erica's parents, challenges with how he was viewed at work, as well as a general disconnect in American society because he was a person of color all reflect a small sense of fading in terms of Changez's loyalty to America.  Yet, the events of September 11 and the backlash he faces as someone who fits the socio- cultural stereotype of an "Arab" or a "terrorist" go very far in causing his loyalty to fade.  Adding to this would be the foreign policy of the nation, one in which the targeting of nations like Afghanistan and Pakistan become part of the way in which America appropriates the world in accordance to its own subjectivity.  In the midst of all of this is Changez's realization that he might be operating as a type of jannisary, or someone deployed to wipe out their own culture.  With all of these elements converging, Changez's loyalty to America ends up fading away.