Whats the best way to invest your money?Whats the best way to invest your money?

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mr-angel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that the best way to invest your money is to invest in your own education.  Now, I am not talking about sitting in a classroom desk listening to a professor or teacher pontificate.  You need to be willing to learn how to make your money work for you, rather than you working for your money.  I would bet that most financial planners and investors would agree that they have formed their own pholosophy on how to manage and invest their money.  They did this through learning how to invest.  Most people think investments are stocks and bonds.  Please think about other activies as investments.  Be it changing your spending habits, paying off debt, loving on your wife, and setting aside $200, all of these can be investments in your future.  If you have a mind willing to learn, you will find the technical aspects of 501ks and IRAs easy to incorporate into your philosophy of money strategy.

drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to your question depends on the length of time you plan on leaving the money invested. If you are looking at a long term, ten years of more, the stock market has traditionally outperformed all other investment instruments over the long term, despite ups and downs in the interim. Bonds and certificates of deposit are considered safer in the shorter term. Whatever your investment choice, don't put all your financial eggs into one basket.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Hah! The answer used to be real estate. Now we know better. The key is to diversify and minimize your risks. The stock market correction does not seem to be stable yet. Honestly, if I had money to invest I would put it in bonds or a guaranteed money market account. If the market corrects again I would rather have only the amount I put in than lose all of my money.
mrromantic | Student

Wow! thats a lot of information. thank you for the information. it will help me alot guys. Thatnks agian

krishna-agrawala | Student

The best way to invest money is different for different people and for different situations. To can decide what is best investment for you in your current situation by paying attention to the following considerations.

  1. Your ability and willingness to take risk. Some investments offer a lower but assured return on investment, others fave some risk attached to it, but offer a chance of earning high returns.
  2. Total amount you want to invest, particularly in comparison to your total resources. If you have lot of assets or large steady income, return from a comparatively small investment is not going to make much difference to you. In this case you can afford to take greater risk. But If you are old and thinking ways of investing your life time of savings, you need to be more careful. IN general it is a good practice to not to put all your eggs in one baskets.
  3. The time frame you have in mind for getting returns on your investment. For example investment in life insurance offer better rewards when it is for long-term.
  4. The purpose of investment. If the purpose of investment is to provide for your old age some kind of pension plan will be better. However if you are saving money for a world tour some kind of recurring deposit scheme will be better.
  5. The time and effort you can devote to management of your investment. For example if you wan to invest in the stocks and do frequent buying and selling of stock then you must spend more time and energy in keeping track of market, and in analysing performance of companies. If you cant do this effectively, it is better to invest in some good stocks that are likely to provide give good returns in long-term.