What's it the best way to conclude an essay?I am writing an essay on 'Power' in Othello.

Expert Answers
davidroberts1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As a high school senior you have had several years of successful essay writing experience. Here are some guidelines to help you answer your question about writing an effective conclusion to an essay:

  • What kind of essay are you writing? An essay on the concept of power could be constructed as a persuasive essay, an expository essay, or even a personal narrative.
  • The type of essay assigned would determine the structure of the essay, including issues of opening and closing.
  • Assuming the essay is meant to be a critical essay, it should have an introductory paragraph, a body of supportive paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph.
  • Many young writers use the concluding paragraph to simply restate their thesis statement and summarize their support of that thesis.
  • A more effective concluding paragraph is one that demonstrates how the writer achieved the goals set in the opening paragraph. Writing about process is more important than summarizing here. Provide the reader evidence that you addressed the assignment, provided a thesis statement, and provided appropriate evidence throughout the essay.
  • Review the assignment carefully and be sure you are addressing the issues of power your teacher intended.
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In general, I would always advise referring back to the original assignment or task description given by the teacher/ instructor.  There might be information within it that specifies what has to be in a conclusion to your essay and this, naturally, has to supersede all else because your instructor is the one who assesses your work.  With this in mind, I think that a good conclusion is one that emphasizes the thesis statement in more specific and contextual terms.  For example, if your thesis statement is something like "power is misused," I would think that your conclusion can review the specific instances highlighted that show power as being misused.  I don't think you need to repeat the thesis statement, but in restating it in more specific terms, you bring a sense of symmetry to the paper.  Finally, I think that there should be some level of reminder as to why the thesis statement and scope of the paper is meaningful and how it helps to enhance understanding of the work.  I have always liked conclusions that actually help to delicately raise more questions at the end of it. The link below might help.