What's the analysis of the lake isle of innisfree and a slumber did my spirit seal?

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kmcappello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"A Slumber did my Spirit Steal" was written by William Wordsworth in 1798.  It is one of a series of poems lamenting the death of a young girl.  It consists of two short stanzas, the first of which describes a sort of dreaming sleep, where the speaker imagines the girl to be immortal.  Between the first and second stanzas, the girl dies, and the speaker now sees her as a fixed part of the earth.

"Lake Isle of Innisfree" was written by William Butler Yeats almost a hundred years later.  Inspired by Henry David Thoreau's Walden, it describes Yeats' desire to move to a deserted island, build a cabin, and live in isolation.  The speaker does not like his urban lifestyle, and his wish for a quiet life is emphasized.