Animal Farm Questions and Answers
by George Orwell

Animal Farm book cover
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What's an example of a creative poem about a work of literature like Animal Farm?

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Word has gone round the farm during the day
That Old Major dreamed of living a new way.
He wants all animals to meet in the barn this night,
And they are willing to hear what he has to say.

The majestic old pig has a wise appearance in his stance.
The other animals enter and hear from him of their only chance:
Freedom! They must revolt against Man, their enemy.
Rebellion is the answer! All animals are equal in every occurrence.

The song is sung, the rules are made for Animalism, a new system.
The next day, Jones and others enter the barn, and the animals attack them.
Defeat chases them all away, and the animals sing in triumph.
Now the name is "Animal Farm," and there are seven commandments for them.

Boxer and others work hard day after day; Snowball plans for a windmill,
Men try to reclaim the farm; Snowball,Boxer, and others defeat them still.
But Napoleon wants the power and drives away Snowball. He is cruel.
Squealer convinces the animals that things are not what they seem at all.

The lives of the animals become miserable, much as in the past--even more.
The pigs have changed the rules, and they walk on two legs as never before.
The name is returned to "Manor Farm," and man and pig are seen together.
Once the animals look in the house, and pig and man seem to differ no more.

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