What's an example of Asher not using precise language in The Giver?

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The most memorable example of Asher not using precise language is when he said “smack” instead of “snack” as a toddler.  Since toddlers are swatted with a Discipline Wand, they smacked him every time he asked for a snack, until her didn’t talk at all.

This is a very sad story.  It is an example of how it is more important to them that everything is done right and everyone conforms than anything else.  By the time children start school, they are completely obedient.

Another example of Asher’s imprecise language is when he is late for school and apologizes, saying he got “distraught” watching fish.  His good-natured response to always being a lesson to the others is an interesting take on the community.

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In chapter 7 of The Giver, the Elder explains to the audience that Asher, when he was younger, used the word "smack" instead of "snack" . He was punished, as per the society expectations, every time he made the transgression until he got his word choice correct.