What would be a good thesis for an essay and related poster, given the following information? For class, I have to compose a two pieces for an assessment: a persuasive poster convincing its audience about an issue (eg. animal rights, for abortion, a certain political party etc.) and an essay regarding the same topic as used on the poster. My question to you is, what is an adaptable topic that I can easily use on both the poster and the essay, that has a lot of information/arguments for it and can easily be discussed? I was thinking of either monitoring our use of technology (i.e, not allowing it to become too sophisticated or advanced, as catastophic consequences could happen, as depicted in the novelFeed). What do you think?

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Your idea on the monitoring of technology can certainly produce worthy arguments. Clark Howard on CNN has had several recent reports and suggestions for people, so if you go to his website, you can find some interesting and helpful ideas that present the advantages to this technology as well as the threats.

Another topic is one that you have in parentheses:  animal rights.  Perhaps, choosing the argument of wearing faux fur as opposed to animal furs could produce strong arguments in favor of animal rights. Certainly, the poster presentation could easily be prepared.   Researching the fur business and the cruel way in which foxes and mink are bred simply for their coats and killed will reveal strong arguments in favor of the faux fur business. (Some graphic pictures on the poster would be very effective.) Here is one example of the cruelty of raising mink for their pelts:

Minks raised and killed on fur factory farms are forced to live in small, dirty, barren cages and are denied any opportunity to swim; this causes them untold stress by suppressing their natural urges. Cramped wire cages prevent minks from indulging their innate desire to roam, and factory-farmed minks are often seen bobbing their heads and pacing—neurotic, repetitive behavior that is a sign of severe psychological distress. (PETA)

Of course, the slaughter of endangered species of cats that are killed for their coats presents a crucial argument against real fur as doing so causes the upsetting of the balance of nature, or biodiversity (e.g.The removal of these predators allows the weak of herd animals to survive and reproduce).

Procuring a real pelt and juxtaposing it to a faux one on your poster, will demonstrate that the appearance and feel of the two are so similar that there is no need to kill animals for their fur. [Rabbit fur is often on small things such as the lucky rabbit's foot, etc., and real rabbit fur is fairly easy to come by, as well.]


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