What is General Zaroff's spoken language in the story,"The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard E. Connell?

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General Zaroff, from Richard E. Connell's short story, "The Most Dangerous Man," is a very interesting character. When Sanger Rainsford, a well-known big game hunter from New York, first meets him, Rainsford asks Zaroff if his deaf and dumb servant, Ivan, is Russian. Zaroff replies that he is a Cossack and follows with,"So am I." Since Cossacks are from the western part of Russia or the Ukraine, that area would have been from where Zaroff and Ivan originally came to live on the island. Zaroff's native language would have been Russian. However, his spoken language in the story is English. Rainsford and Zaroff converse in English throughout the story. The only language the reader ever hears General Zaroff use is English, even when he is hunting with Ivan.


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