What were the Zamoras' goals for having Brent complete the task with the whirligig?

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Mrs. Zamora was actually the only one who consented to meet with Brent; her husband, still reeling from Lea's death and still upset about Brent's part in it, had refused to meet with the teenager.

According to Mrs. Zamora, she had spent long moments contemplating what Brent could do to make restitution for the loss of Lea. She had eventually arrived at the conclusion that since Brent would never be able to bring Lea back to life, he must work on sharing Lea's beautiful spirit with others.

Mrs. Zamora commissions Brent to build four whirligigs in Lea's image and to plant them in the four corners of the United States: Washington, California, Florida, and Maine. She tells Brent that her father used to make wooden toys for Lea when she was little. Of all the wooden toys, Lea's favorite was a whirligig of a girl with arms that spun in the wind. The Zamoras had put up the whirligig on a pole in their yard, and for years, the whirligig had given joy to hundreds who looked upon it. Because of this, Mrs. Zamora wants Brent to build the whirligigs in honor of the joy Lea brought to others during her short lifetime.

To Mrs. Zamora, it would also be a measure of comfort to know that her daughter's inimitable spirit lives on despite her death.

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