What your views about a girl physically struggling at a young age?When compared, a boy has more physical strength than a girl.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are a bunch of issues here in this question.  If I am understanding it correctly, there is discussion as to how girls cope with the challenges posed by differences in strength between boys.  Initially, I think that the idea that there is a vast difference in strength might not be entirely accurate.  The enforcement of Title IX legislation, especially in athletics, has helped significantly to allow girls to share in the physical development as men.  We are able to find women athletes being as competitive as the men.  One might be able to say that there is a difference in terms of style of play, but I am not entirely certain that there is such a vast difference that one gender is overwhelmed by the other.  Along these lines, younger girls are involving themselves in physical activities at the same age as boys.  It is very common to find both boys and girls engaged in sports and sports training at a young age.  This helps to bring out the idea that "struggle" might not be as evident or as drastic as initially thought.