What is your very earliest memory? How old were you?

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caledon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For a long time, at least until I did some research, I believed that I had some fragmentary memory of being born. It was really just a poorly articulated image of darkness transitioning to a glowing, ambient red, sort of the color that you see in someone's ears when someone places a light directly behind them. I thought that this might have been my eyes being exposed to light, but still closed, so that the light was shining through the closed lids. In this memory, things got much brighter immediately after the redness, which I can only assume was my eyes opening.

I didn't think much of this memory, at least not until I began anecdotally hearing that memories of birth are impossible. This led me to research a bit and find the term "childhood amnesia" (linked below). This has led me to believe that my supposed memory may be something else, such as a dream from a later age that I somehow misconstrued as a memory, or simply a later memory that I compared to, and then transposed to, a hypothetical memory of birth.

The earliest memory that I'm really confident of came from when I was perhaps 3 years old, because it involved learning how to climb out of my crib. I can distinctly remember that the side of the crib facing the room was made of regularly spaced wooden slats, and those slats had just enough space between them for me to fit my legs, particularly my knees. This was necessary because the crib was too high off the ground, so I had to swing my legs over the crib and stand on its edge before hopping to the ground. I think part of why I remember this is the discomfort of wedging my knees between the slats; I've noticed that many of my earliest memories involve discomfort, such as another memory of watching a parade while hiding under my father's jacket because I didn't want to be seen by the clowns. 

rachellopez | Student

The earliest I remember is when I was about two and I got my first cat. I can vaguely remember him being a small kitten and running around the house. He was really rowdy and ran up the walls, which I think where the color blue. 

I'm not sure if this is a memory or more of a dream. I know my mom used to tell me stories of when I was little and I may just have taken those stories and dreamt them. You can never be sure. 

glendamaem | Student

I think when I was 4 and it was my pre-school graduation. I was throwing a fit because the ceremony was too long and because I was hungry as it was already noontime. 

user396107 | Student

My earliest moment that i can currently remember off the top of my head is when I had a conversation with my friend. But this I am not sure off, there are currently many memories flying back into my head when I think of this question and I am trying to place a timeline but its quite hard. This question is definitely a tough one.