What are your thoughts on your responsiblity for recycling when it comes to items that you use in your everyday life?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My feeling on this is that I am clearly responsible for recycling those things that I am able to recycle.  However, I do not feel a responsibility to save things that my city does not recycle and then bring them somewhere else to recycle.

I do feel that I have a responsibility to recycle everything that I can.  I think that it is irresponsible to waste things.  On this earth, we have limited resources.  Everything that I use and throw away is something that will not be available for my descendants to use some day in the future.  In other words, it is somewhat selfish to throw things away when it is not necessary to do so.  I would be, in essence, saying that I do not care enough about my descendants to go to the bother of recycling something rather than throwing it away.

However, I do think that I have to be reasonable about what I expect my responsibility to be.  I do not feel a responsibility to drive a long way to recycle things that my city does not recycle.  I do not feel the responsibility to abstain from buying anything that cannot be recycled.

Overall, I do feel the responsibility to recycle as much as I am able to recycle with a reasonable amount of effort.

psvaughn | Student
In order to preserve the earth for future generations we are responsible for recycling all product packaging that is possible at this time. It is up to us now to help create the mindset that the world/earth is not going to become any better unless we the people living here make it better. Past generations did not know the effects of discarding everything in landfills because the population was not as great and landfills were plentiful. But now, we know more and also use more consumables so we must recycle every possible product/package that can make the world/earth better for others to come.

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