What are your thoughts on a husband leaving his wife pregnant? How do you think the women would be able to cope up with the situation.What hardships would the women be expected to face? Please...

What are your thoughts on a husband leaving his wife pregnant? How do you think the women would be able to cope up with the situation.

What hardships would the women be expected to face? Please explain in a journal response form.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the decision to leave another one is a fairly difficult process for all involved.  Certainly, in the situation where a pregnant wife has been left, one can only hope that she has a strong family network that can help to circle the wagons during such a difficult and challenging time.  I think that this would be one level of help on both financial and emotional levels.  In other cases where this is not present, I would think that the pregnant wife probably has recognized that she is now working towards the child that she is bringing into the world.  There are many challenges for a woman in this situation, but they have been managed by others.  There have been scenarios where women have had to cope on their own without anyone else to help them.  I am probably less sympathetic to the men who leave a pregnant woman in such a condition, but I presume that the reasons in which one leaves are acceptable to the individual who is abandoning.  I would think that there is some financial obligation, at the very least, that has to be met in such a situation.  I can only hope that the character of the person who is leaving someone in such a predicament is worthy enough that they have their own reasons.  For example, during the Depression, one hears of situations where fathers left their families out of shame of not being able to provide or at being financially destitute.  This does not excuse their actions, but it is a set of conditions that explains them.  One can only hope that one "left" because they felt like it without any other justification.

clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When I was pregnant with my first child, I used all of the horrific realities of pregnacy to deter my students from sexual relationships, or at the very least, to practice EXTRA SAFE sex.

I cannot imagine the reality of such a situation, but pregnancy alone would have been next to impossible for me without a husband who was willing to do every household chore while I was in bed with all day "morning" sickness for almost 5 months.  Add to this the immeasurable fears that comes with becoming a first-time parent (all the insecurities, questions, worries, financial and otherwise fears, etc.) and again, I cannot imagine having to go through it alone.

We live in a world where teenage pregnancy is on the rise, which means there are many girls who are doing it alone.  I actually think though, the idea you presented of a husband LEAVING his wife would be worse.  The two likely planned a family together (at least she did) and going into this situation with a plan of doing it together, only to have that plan killed, seems like it would be even more difficult than going it alone from the very beginning.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have known a number of women whose men (I do not think that any of them were actually married, but I am not sure) left them when they were either pregnant or had just given birth not long before.

Of course, the way that they will cope with the situation depends to a great extent on the personality of the woman and her situation in life.  If a woman has some skills and a job history, she is likely to be able to at least get work.  If she has family around to support her she is more likely to be able to cope emotionally.

The women I have known have had to deal with the stress of raising a child alone.  They have had to struggle to find daycare that matches up with their job schedules.  They have had to worry about finding jobs that can support themselves and the baby.