What are your thoughts on child abuse? What would you do in a situation if you suddenly found out that someone you knew was sexually abused?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that child abuse is probably one of the most pressing issues of the day.  It might have always been there, but it seems that there are more instances where children are abused or neglected.  I think that there has to be more effective resources to help out both the children who have been abused and the siblings who might have had to witness such actions.  In terms of what I would do, contacting my local child welfare agency would be a heck of a start.  It is important to move someone who is in such a situation to the road to understanding and a sense of reclamation of voice as soon as possible.  Unless I was trained to do so, I would not try to "fix" anyone or act in the role of therapist.  Directing the child to someone who can help would be the driving spirit behind my actions.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This seems like somewhat of an odd question.  I do not know what kind of thoughts you can have on the subject of child abuse other than to just say that it is an evil and horrible thing.  I suppose I understand how you can get very angry at a child, but to actually abuse a child is inexcusable.

In terms of sexual abuse, I know one person who was molested by a teacher in middle school and another who was in a "consensual" affair with a teacher while in high school.  In both bases, all I could do (and all I could imagine doing) was to support the person but not to try to ask any intrusive questions -- I figured that if I was a good friend to them, they would talk to me if they felt it would help.

clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In most states, teachers are obligated by statutory law to report to our authority (usually the principal or a counselor who would then have to write a formal report for CPS or other governing entity) if we suspect a child is being physically abused.  If a child opens up and TELLS us about it, we are definitely obligated by law to report this.  If the abuse continues and eventually the case ends up in court, and it comes out that a teacher was aware of the situation and did nothing, we can be held (in some states) criminally liable.

That said, if a student ever told me about an instance of ongoing abuse, I would tell them that I was obligated to report it - and I would.

kc4u | Student

Child abuse may be of various kinds: sexual abuse by the members of the family within the domestic territory, trafficking of children for the flesh trade, physical or psychological violence at home and out-of-doors, child-labour and so on.Child abuse is definiely one of the most heinous crimes that leads to very damaging consequences.

Once a case of child-abuse is detected, the affected child must be rescued from the evil clutches of the abuser. The child shoud be placed in safe custody and a thorough medical examination should be carried out to diagnose the physical as well as mental damage done to the victim. Immediate measures should be taken to mitigate the trauma of the innocent victim. At the same time, the abuser shall have to be identified and proper legal action initiated against him. The abuser of a child, especially in case of a sexual abuse, must be brought to book to assure an exemplary punishment of the culprit.

For various reasons, child-abuse is largely under-reported, and children are most unsafe in the custody of their elders in the family. Cruelty and violence that children are so often subjected to are real menace to almost all societies.

ali001 | Student

If a Child was getting that kind of abuse i would help that child immediately


Tell thee person who was doing this to seek immediate help from a mentall speciaslist.

i think this is a VERY disgusting ACT and the person who is doing this should be delt with very HARD