What are your thoughts and reactions to "A&P"?

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It looks like you are referring to John Updike's short story "A&P."

Of course, thoughts and reactions to the story will vary based on individual perspectives. However, it is likely that you will have decided opinions about the girls or Sammy (the main characters in the story).

First, let's discuss the girls. The author gives us a very visual description of how they look. He talks about bare skin, long hair, and pink cheeks. Why do you think he does this? As for Sammy and his colleague Stokesie, they are entranced by what they see. The girls are young, attractive, and virile. They are also seemingly oblivious to the attention they are generating with their bikinis.

The author shines a spotlight on the girls' unconventional appearances and behavior. But, why does he do this? We are told that women usually put on shirts or shorts before they enter any store in Sammy's town. However, Sammy notes that the women who do this usually have "six children" and sport "varicose veins" on their legs. He...

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