What are your thoughts about The Motorcycle Diaries?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the most interesting elements about the film is the depiction of a young Che Guevara.  Given how Guevara is such a polarizing figure worldwide, and seen as one of the most important figures in both political history and mythology, to see him as "Fuser" is fascinating.  How Ernesto becomes Che is detailed in the film and to see this development is fascinating.  Fuser is young, idealistic, and romantic about his passions and social justice.  These traits are illuminated throughout the film and help to establish how Fuser becomes Che.  

Another thought that emerges from the film which makes it meaningful is the transcendent power of friendship.  Underscoring the political and social messages of the film is the friendship between Alberto and Fuser.  Their friendship helps to establish the "road trip" and, in the process, we, as the audience, are able to understand how friendship is one of the few universals in a world of mutability and transcendence.  While the currents of history end up changing both of their lives, the ending reminds us how friendship is universal and how those rare and good friends we make as young people can linger throughout our lives.