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Do you think that technological advances could ever end unemployment and hunger in the U.S.?

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Technological advances could never end unemployment or whatever hunger still exists in the US.

Technology cannot end hunger because hunger in the US is not the result of a lack of food.  Instead, it is the result of a poor distribution of income in the US.  People who are hungry cannot afford food because they lack money.  There is plenty of food in the US so we do not need technological change to stop hunger.

Technology cannot end unemployment because unemployment is also not caused by a lack of technology.  For example, right now, much of the unemployment in the US is caused by the fact that American companies are afraid to hire because they do not think the economy is going to expand.  This is not something that can be solved by inventing some piece of technology.

Our problems are not caused by a lack of technology.  Therefore, they cannot be solved by more technology.

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