What is your response to this article about European fears of Germany? http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/in-europe-new-fears-of-german-might/2011/10/19/gIQA3baZ7L_story.html?hpid=z2

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I have two major responses to this.

First, it shows us the power of history.  It shows us that what a country has done in the past (WWII) can have an impact on how that country is seen by its neighbors.  This is a very important factor in interational relations today for Germany, for Japan, and even for the US.

Second, it shows us how fragile the Euro zone really is.  It shows us that it is very hard to get people who are from different countries to truly trust one another to the extent that they are willing to tie their destinies together.  Germany is suspicious of the Greeks and other people that they think are lazy and don't deserve bailing out.  The Greeks and others ae suspicious of the Germans and their alleged desire to dominate Europe.  It is very hard to see how these attitudes can change enough to allow these countries to continue to cooperate enough to have a single currency.

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