What is your response about this article?http://www.politicalislam.com/blog/universal-jihad/

What is your response about this article?


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enotechris eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although the article makes some compelling arguments, there are points which don't hold up to scrutiny.

1. Jihadists are altering the fabric of Western civilization.

It's the other way around -- Western influence has been altering Muslim society for centuries, beginning with it's expulsion from Europe in the 1400's. Western culture has dominated the world; Jihadists, standing on ever-shrinking philosophies and political boundaries, feel threatened and have reacted with terrorism as the only weapon available to them.

2.  Saudi money has financed the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. To fix the problem, the West should "cut off all trade and diplomatic ties to the Empire of Universal Jihad: Iran, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia."

Where did the Saudis get all this money?  Why are these areas in conflict internally as well as externally?  Had there been no oil in the region, there would be no ideological conflict.  The ideological conflict that does exist is not between the West and the Middle East; it is found within the Middle East.  By trading with the West in oil, they have become part of the world market, and in so doing, have opened themselves to what they perceive to be corruptive Western influences.  Because of the oil trade, the area should be economically stable and prosperous, yet it is not -- because they are totalitarian regimes.  The wealth is not fluid; the leaders who have stolen the wealth of the country redirect the dispossessed towards the West as the cause of their troubles, and absolve themselves by covering their incompetence in the guise of a religious war.

Either one of two futures are possible:

1.  The world stops trading in oil.  If so, this "hotspot" area becomes an economic and cultural backwater with diminishing influences.

2.  The world continues to trade in oil.  The conflict will continue to intensify, until the area is destroyed from within by convulsing corrupt governments.

The premise that the West is losing the "War on Terror" is incorrect; it's the Middle East that must come to terms with being a world player and adopting Western standards.  If they fail to do so, there will continue to be conflict as long as corrupt governments maintain power and trade in oil.