What is your response to this article about Republican candidates campaigning in...

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I have two main responses to this.

First, this is not at all surprising since the Republican Party pretty much goes hand in hand with the Religious Right these days.  Republican candidates for the presidential nomination essentially have to show that they stand with evangelicals if they want to win.

Second, I think the most interesting thing about this was that Mitt Romney didn't show up.  I think it shows two things.  First, that he does not want to put too much effort into Iowa because he may well not win there.  He doesn't want it to look like he tried hard and still lost.  Second, I think that this reflects Romney's discomfort with the Religious Right.  He is wary of them because of their distrust of his Mormon faith.  I think he realizes he would have a hard time winning them over in any case and feels that he might as well not show up.


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