What is your religion? and also state that what is your beliefs and hows your life going according to this religion?

nfatima18 | Student

I, as a Muslim who believe that true Islam is misunderstood, misrepresented, misquoted and attacked both by stupid or superficial Muslims and islamophobists, as such, I believe that God loves everyone. I dont represent all muslims nor do other muslims represent me .There are bad muslims (911 terroists) just like there are bad christians (KKK) and ect. My religion is very similar to christanity and judism.

frizzyperm | Student

I was born into a family of surface-deep, Methodists-on-Sunday who took me to church once a month, but they didn't really do any more than that and we stopped hen I was about 10.

When I was unhappy and lonely at the age of 16 I became 'born-again' for about 18 months, but it soon became very clear to me that it was based on a lot of highly unlikely claims and conformational bias and that difficult questions were not welcome. I stopped going and discovered girls instead.

Since then, I have been a rational humanist. I don't have a religion. I believe that we are alone in a very big and quite dangerous universe but that we are capable of looking after ourselves as a species, with a bit of luck. We are intelligent, but we often act irrationally and emotionally. We are capable of terrible savage cruelty. Ignorance is at the root of most of our problems. But life is beautiful and precious and through discourse and discovery we can improve the quality of our lives and decide what is right and wrong. 

And when you die, you experience exactly what you experienced before you were born.

luiji | Student

I'm a Reformed Christian. We originated from the great reformer, John Calvin.

We believe that God loves us so much, He sent His Son to die for us, so that our sins are forgiven.

Those who have faith, have salvation. The Holy Spirit works in our hearts, through the preaching of the gospel, so that we have faith, and are therefore saved.

Because we are so thankful for this great gift, we show our thankfulness by obeying God's commandments, showing love to God an our neighbour.

This is just a rough overview of my religion. You'll probably find that many other Christians believe this also, but when it comes down to the finer doctrines, we are different, and very much different.

naldskee27 | Student

My religious affiliation is (Christian) Baptist, My beliefs are according to the teachings i've learn from the bible or God's Word:

1. Jesus Christ is the one who died from the Cross of Calvary to Saved, Redeemed, Justied, Sanctified, and made me new.

2. I claimed and believe wholewheartedly that God's words of promises were indeed true in my life and He usually fulfilled them because God's Words re His integrity.

3. The Lord  From the Bible has a wonderful plans for me.

4. The Lord from the Bible is the Sovereign, Almighty and Powerful who created everything in this world.

5. The Lord has also considered me as His Son through the faith i have in his only begotten son (Jesus Christ who died on the Cross two-thousands years ago)


It's just simply since i surrendered my life to the Lord, meaning i allowed Him to reign over my life in all my ways(actions, thoughs and words). Yes i could boldly say now that God is changing me from glory to glory to attain His characters and used to live with all His words.

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