What are your realizations or reflections after reading the novel "The Chosen" by Chaim Potok?

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This may be more of a personal response, so I might give some thoughts that I personally had after reading this novel which might help you organize your own reflections.

Before reading this novel, I had no idea about the vast differences there were in the Jewish religion, especially between the Hasids and others.  I also knew very little about the debate over the creation of Israel.  I think the novel did a wonderful job having the readers learn about the restrictions and expectations some Hasidic Jews endure as Reuven Malter learned about them in the novel.  Reuven's father explained everything well, often without prejudging or condemning, which was nice to read.

Aside from religious conflicts, I think the novel also tackles generational conflicts, especially with Danny Saunders and his father, and explores the struggle between the expectations of parents versus the dreams and desires of their children.

Although the novel seems to move slowly, I think it is well-written and quite informative.  To be honest, I am still a bit unclear about Danny's urge to hit Reuven with a baseball-Danny seemed to me to be a bit more level-headed.  The book has reinforced my belief that people can become friends even if they come from diverse backgrounds.

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