What are your reactions and feelings after reading chapters 1-8?reactions and feelings with the reference to child abuse

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The thing that strikes me the most is the change in the way Bone narrates the story as a young child but a young child dealing with a horribly abusive situation.  Her early life is marked by the fact that she is a bastard without an identifiable father, but the younger years appear to be somewhat idyllic and her description and tone is one that reflects the good times she has with her siblings and her cousins.

It is touching to read about Bone's view of the world and deeply sad to read about how her world changes along with her outlook on that world.  Her matter of fact way of seeing things doesn't change, but the utter loss of positivity about the world and her budding fear of the future and other people is powerfully present in her matter of fact narration.

The complexity that Allison lends to a group of people so rarely represented in literature is an important part of the appeal of the novel.  The way that the complexity comes through despite the childlike perspective on the world is also something that brought home the themes and emotions of the novel to me.