What are your predictions for Chapters 11-12 of The Outsiders?

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The previous answer by pohnpei is quite accurate: Having read and taught the book many times, I already know what is going to happen. For someone who has not read the completion of the novel, it might be a good speculatory writing assignment for class. If you want to know what happens to Ponyboy beyond the finale of The Outsiders, you might want to continue your reading with S. E. Hinton's followup, That Was Then, This is Now. Ponyboy returns in a small role--a bit older and a bit more wiser in the ways of women.

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The problem with asking this question on here is that all of us who are going to answer you have already read the book and read it many times.  So we know what's going to happen.  That makes it really hard for us to make honest predictions.

I would predict at the end of Chapter 10 that Pony is going to lose it in some way or other.  He is physically beat up from the rumble and from saving the kids before that.  And he is emotionally beat up from Johnny and Dally dying.  So it seems likely that he is going to have some sort of serious problem.

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