What is your point of view of the 1st Amendment?What is your point of view of the 1st Amendment?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are so many aspects to the First Amendment that it is hard to have a point of view on the amendment as a whole.  If you are asking about one specific part of the amendment, please let us know.

With regard to the First Amendment as a whole, my point of view is that it is the most important amendment in the Bill of Rights in terms of our political freedoms.  The First Amendment protects our right to think what we want, to say what we want, and to say it to whomever we want.  This is the very foundation of a democracy.  You cannot have a democracy if people are not free to think what they want about the government, to meet and say those things to one another, and to write those things in newspapers or magazines or, today, the internet.

Because the First Amendment protects these things, it protects our most important political rights and gives us the ability to have a democratic system in our country.