What is your personal reaction about this book? (My Brother Sam Is Dead)

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From a History teacher's standpoint, I really like it.  There are a couple of elements in the novel that I find appealing.  The most elemental is the role of historical fiction in the classroom.  Well written historical fiction can really enhance student understanding of the time period.  The Loyalists is a historical position that is not fully analyzed in the study of the Revolutionary War.  One of the nuances that is missed, the Loyalist position was quite compelling during the time period.  The division in the Meeker family is representative of the genuine sense of political confusion at the time.  We now are able to fully assert that the position of the Patriots was probably the correct choice from a political standpoint, but being immersed in the time period, the decision could not have appeared so distinct.  This is where the book excels in that it explores the challenges placed upon colonists who had to choose in both political and emotional terms.  In presenting the challenging predicament of choice at the time, students can really gain and fully appreciate the challenges of the time period.