Vachel Lindsay

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What is your outlook on "The Congo" by Vachel Lindsay?

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Interested in your question and intrigued even further by the first answer, I decided to reread "The Congo" and was struck by the verses echo from the movie Dead Poets Society:

THEN I had religion, THEN I had a vision. / I could not turn from their revel and derision. / THEN I SAW THE CONGO CREEPING THROUGH THE BLACK, / CUTTING THROUGH THE JUNGLE WITH THE GOLDEN TRACK.

They young men in The Dead Poets Society use this poem properly, I might add, using Lindsay's own "stage direction" and do great justice to this rhythmical chant:  they are simply using spoken language to honor the poets of old, . . . poets of all races.

Furthermore, my take on "The Congo" generally coincides with the rest of academia that chides Lindsay for being a "well-meaning but misguided primitivist."  Ah, if there were just a way to put a more positive spin on this statement!  I truly believe that Lindsay...

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