What are your opinions on The Tempest character Ferdinand ?I'm performing the character in a play and am having trouble defining him and making him interesting.

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Ferdinand and Miranda, I think, are a lot like the Romeo and Juliet. They are both very young and aren't really caught up in all the adult matters that everyone else seems concerned with. Neither of them hate anyone or have any axe to grind. I think he is a little naive because totally operates off his emotions, so he seems a little two-dimensional. He doesn't really mourn the fact that he's been separated from his father and family forever. He essentially quickly accepts that his past life is over and now he's in love and will just live on this island with Miranda. And he doesn't really care about gaining the respect of the father-in-law. There's not a whole lot of depth when it comes to Ferdinand, and yet, he's one of the few people in the play who are morally good.

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l have one problem l want to make him interesting so tht people will like him.

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